Eco Friendly

We are proud of being granted an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC)  by the Environmental Management Bureau of the Department of Environment and Natural Resource (DENR). We respect and preserve nature through environmental awareness, proper waste water Treatment Facility, rainwater harvesting for greeneries and anti-plastic solutions.

 For the Waste Water Treatment, the resort uses a closed septic system with a reed bed biological filtration. Adding IMOs (indigenous micro organismsto sewage/waste water can greatly hasten the effluent breakdown. The reed has the ability to transfer oxygen from its leaves, down through its stem and out via its root system in the gravel bed. This encourages micro-organisms that digest the pollutants in sewage to colonise the area. The sewage effluent flows through this zone and is treated by the micro-organisms to break down the last septic residue.

To conserve water and electricitywe replace linens and towels on request of our guests. We encourage our guests to be eco-conscious and help us in maintaining the resort environmental friendly. Solar energy is on top of our list when new investments are possible. In addition, Three Little Birds will sponsor local charity organizations and participate in saving the island’s flora and fauna in the near future.

All kinds of single (portion) use plastic are banned from our resort, to mention a few – single-use straws, butter cups,  plastic cutlery/cups/plates, and plastic bottles. We provide reusable water bottles and give free refills. We encourage our guests to join our mindset.

By bringing our own reusable bags and food containers to the market for doing groceries, we say NO to plastic bags and packaging materials. In this way we can offer our customers delicious freshly home-made food and juices, conserve the environment and improve the welfare of the local people.