Things to do

Anda’s main attraction is just a stone-throw away from the town proper – Quinale Beach, hailed by many as the best beach in Bohol. It is a three-kilometer long fine white sand beach with beautiful turquoise water and a breathtaking sunrise. Scattered also along the town’s shoreline are other beaches and such as Talisay Beach, Bituon Beach, Cambilagan Beach, Bugnaw Beach and Arthoghin Beach.

Aside from its beaches, Anda is also popular for its deep blue cave pools. There are at least six cave pools hidden in town which include Combento, Cateres, Kaligoon, Tiburako, East Coast and Cabagnow, the biggest and most beautiful according to many.

The location of our resort allows us to accommodate the wishes of each of our guests. Bohol offers a wide variety of thing to do, such as:

 Visit the nearby beaches
 Excellent snorkeling and diving trips to the best spots around the Islands
 Visit centuries-old churches
 River cruise at Loboc River
 Spotting Tarsiers
 Enchanting blue cave pools to jump in
 Many hidden waterfalls to discover
 Beautiful rice fields, mangroves, and local markets
 Chill or party with the locals
 The perfect empty paved roads are excellent to drive around on a motorbike
 You can hire a motorbike and make your own adventure
 Trips to Camiguin and Siquijor island