The Island

Bohol is an island in the Central Visayas region and it’s a tropical haven of natural beauty. The coastline of the island is skimmed by gentle coves, white sand beaches and 75 minor surrounding islands. Bohol is well-known as a paradise for divers and snorkellers. Its capital is Tagbilaran and Bohol is the tenth largest island of the Philippines. To the west of Bohol is Cebu, to the northeast is the island of Leyte and to the south, across the Bohol Sea, is Mindanao.

There are 1,260 geological cone-shaped hills with breathtaking panoramic view spread over an area of more than 50 square kilometres (20 sq mi). They are covered in green grass that turns brown like chocolate during the dry season, hence the name Chocolate Hills! The perfectly paved road makes it very easy to explore the island by motorbike and stop at the refreshing pool caves, waterfalls, hidden beaches and rice terraces.